Jackpot Winner Retires to Care for Aging Parents

Winner Retires to Care for Aging Parents

What would you do with the prize money if you won the EuroMillions Jackpot? Would you choose to spend your money on fancy restaurants? High-end vehicles? A yacht? Maybe you have more idealistic intentions for your winnings like giving most of them away to charity? Perhaps you plan on buying a new house… Whatever your plans are for your lottery earnings, we could all take a lesson from a Mr. Simon Beach. Simon won the £1 million draw on Friday, February 26th. His day started out pretty normally, with him drinking a nice cup of hot coffee before heading out for the day. When he saw that he’d won, he was so thrilled, that after verifying that he’d actually won, he immediately called his boss to let him know that he wouldn’t be coming back to work anymore. His reason for quitting his job is that he wants to be more available to care for his aging parents.

A New Full-Time Job

Apparently, his father is in and out of hospitals seeking medical attention and his mother has endured 4 strokes in the last few years. Simon has been living a very busy life recently, between caring for both his parents and trying to earn enough money to pay for the family’s bills, it’s been a very busy existence. He is very excited to be able to have stopped working so many hours a day, and instead by able to care for his parents full time and tend to all of their needs. Not only will he now have time for his elderly parents, but Simon is also extremely excited to be able to play golf again as well as watch a bit of sports on the Television. Sports have always been a very important part of his life as it was always a way for him to connect with his dad. Retiring in order to care for aging parents is something very special. Simon’s story is one that captures the hearts of people the world over.

Making Meaningful Choices

It is especially meaningful, since everyone knows of stories of lottery winners whose lives don’t seem to turn out as well as they thought it would after winning that kind of money. Unfortunately, many winners have admitted to acting out drastically with lavish and unhealthy behavior. They have been known to do hardcore drugs as well as engage in promiscuous and risky behaviors. With so much money at one’s fingertips, the temptations are often just too difficult to stand up to. That being said, there are many individuals who, after winning the lottery, did a lot of good with the prize money they received. Many winners gave generously to charity and medical research and towards the betterment of society in general. It would seem that what an individual chooses to do with the massive amount of money he/she wins is entirely his/her own choice. It would seem like Mr. Simon Beach of Watford has gotten in right. Let’s hope he continues on the exemplary path he has set for himself.