Where Are Most EuroMillions Lottery Winners From?

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EuroMillions is considered one of the most popular and highest paying lotteries in the world. Since it began way back in 2004, the jackpot has already been won for a total of 335 times! However, while the winning chances for each player is the same, for some unknown reasons some of the participating countries have managed to hit the jackpot more often than the rest!

Which countries are the most lottery winners from?

EuroMillions have 13 participating countries, but the top 10 jackpot record winners come from only four of them. First in the list is the UK, with four wins out of the top ten - and also two of the three biggest jackpot wins of all time! Second is France with three wins, next is Portugal with two, and the last is Spain with only one lucky winner.

Since currency values differ from one country to another, the EuroMillions jackpot and prizes are offered in both Euros and Sterling Pounds. The biggest jackpot ever in pounds was won way back on July 12, 2011, by couple Chris and Colin Weir. They have managed to guess the numbers 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45 along with the Lucky Numbers 9 and 10, awarding them a total prize of over £161 million. For the euro, it was won the next year netting the couple Adrian and Gillian Bayford a total prize of €190 million with their winning numbers 11, 17, 21, 48 and 60 along with Lucky Numbers 9 and 10.

Does a pattern exist for winning the jackpot?

If you pay enough attention, you might’ve noticed that some of the biggest wins both have the same Lucky Numbers 9 and 10. Aside from that, there are also other similarities that the top ten lottery winners of EuroMillions have in common. Let us take a closer look.

  • Winning Main Numbers - it might look random, but there are a few winning numbers that seem to appear more often than others. For example, the number 30 appeared in 7 out of the top 10 jackpots. There’s also the number 46 which appeared four times and numbers 9, 28, 42 and 49 having appeared thrice.
  • Winning Periods - you might think timing doesn’t have anything to do with winning the jackpot, but if you look at which date has the most jackpot wins, you might want to think again. Out of the top ten jackpot wins, three of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot wins fall on the 13th day of the month! Also, seven out of 10 were won during the first 15 days. Another interesting thing is the season in which the jackpots are won. Four of them occurred during autumn, three during summer, 2 during spring, and only one during the winter.
  • Winning Lucky Numbers - 9 seems to be the hottest pick for a Lucky Number, followed by the number 10. Another mind-blowing fact is that the 9-10 combination has snatched the massive jackpots for four times already! 

Is there a jackpot cap?euromillions lottery winners

Initially, EuroMillions didn’t have a total prize cap. Way back in 2004, the rollovers were limited to just 12 times, meaning the prize will be distributed to the winners of the next prize category if the jackpot hasn’t been won. However, it has changed in 2009 with €185 million as the total prize cap. Once the jackpot reaches the cap, it will go up by yet another €5 million, until it was raised to €190 million permanently as the final prize cap.

If no one managed to win the jackpot, it will roll down and will be distributed to the second prize lottery winners which only have to match five main numbers and one Lucky Number. If it’s still not won, it will go down to the third prize category, and so on.

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