Lottery prizes that go unclaimed


It completely defies logic. No, we’re not talking about winning the lottery, but the fact that many lottery winners do not actually claim their winnings. What is the answer to this phenomenon?

Unclaimed Lottery

It doesn’t matter in which country you live, or which lottery you play. The truth is that all over the world there are many, many unclaimed lottery tickets. And a huge amount of unclaimed lottery winnings. So much so that it actually worries some lottery authorities. Which, in turn, do everything they can to try to hinder this problem from even happening. Most countries lets you register with name, address and other types of contact informations. This information is then associated with all the numbers you play, or tickets you buy. So if you accidentally lose your ticket, you will still get your lottery prize. This simple, but powerful technique could eradicate 80% of the problems associated with unclaimed lottery winnings. As most people who have an unclaimed lottery ticket has simply lost the ticket, or forgotten that they bought it. If they registered their name with their ticket, officials could simply call them up to confirm their lottery winnings. Most European countries allow for this. But in some countries, identifying lottery winners is prohibited.

Personal Details

Computers that can help encrypt inforTake Brazil, for example. A country that has a worryingly high number of crime and corruption. If the system there allowed for linking the unclaimed lottery ticket with a name or a telehone number, authorities fear that some unfaithful civil servant would find out who won, and that this would mean an increased security danger for the lottery winners. Which is why the lottery in Brazil is completely anonymous, and that you need the actual winning ticket to claim the prize. Which, again, is why an unclaimed lottery ticket is so common in the country. Norway is another example. But a very different one. There, the levels of crime and corruption is microscopic, so there are few dangers associated with linking up names and contact information to the different bets. Which means that they have managed to completely eradicate the possibility of a prize not reaching its correct winner. In Norway there are no unclaimed lottery winnings. Ever. Every single win is accounted for, and if the lottery winner does not know that he or she has won, and lottery official will call them up. An unclaimed lottery ticket is a thing of the past in this social democracy. But the question remains: Brazil and Norway are two extreme examples of two very different countries. What is the situation in other countries? Will we ever be able to put in place systems to avoid an unclaimed lottery?

Unclaimed Lottery Winnings

The answer has definitely to do with identification of all the individual lottery tickets. But to avoid possible crimes, governments and lottery officials could dramatically improve the encryption of data. A step that is necessary if one wants to make unclaimed lottery winnings a thing of the past. And this new encryption technology is already on its way. Scientists have had huge success in creating certain computer chips based on quantum mechanics. An area of physics that holds the key of ensuring complete anonymity to lottery winners, unless the forget about claiming their lottery tickets. In that case, officials could break the ultra-strong encryption that seals this delicate information. And the winner can be informed, even if he or she has forgotten that they even played the lottery. Each and every year thousands of people that sit on that unclaimed lottery ticket suffer these problems, so this solution could be a welcome effort. For it to work, many countries need to change national law and lottery rules to allow for such a change. And this could be a somewhat complicated process. But the innovations in computer technology and encryption hardware and software could speed up the process and see to it that more countries reach the state of one hundred percent traceability of lottery winning tickets. Most people do not understand how it is even possible to play the lottery and then forget about it, and in this way fail to check your lottery ticket. But the facts are there, in plain sight. The human mind is a mysterious instrument that is capable of the most extraordinary things. Even forgetting to pick up a huge lottery win!