Tips and Information

One of the most popular European lotteries is the EuroMillions. Currently played by a large number of non-European players and thanks to the tools available on the internet, more players can access this high-jackpot lottery, no matter where they live. There are many questions that new players have about the EuroMillions lottery. For example, one of the most frequent questions asked is about the odds of winning the lottery.

Everything You Need To Know About EuroMillions

Not all lotteries were created equal. Each and every lottery game features a variety of game options and has varying chances of winning. When playing the EuroMillions game, players should know that this European lottery game allows them to have 13 odds out of 1 to win a prize: this is a great percentage when compared to other lottery games, such as the Italian SuperEnalotto or the American Powerball and Mega Millions.

Helpful Tips for Playing the EuroMillions Better

Buying EuroMillions tickets online through our site is easy and takes just a couple of seconds for players who decide to use EuroMillions-Lotteries to join in. We have extra tips to share with you that can help you improve your chances at winning the lottery. It matters not if you are a new player who wants to try the EuroMillions lottery for the first time, or if you are a repeat player who is searching for new suggestions to help improve your game. There are several ways to improve the way to select Euromillions numbers but the very first tip we always give is that above all, players can buy multiple tickets and play more lines in order to play EuroMillions and increase their chances of winning a prize.

Additionally, once players set a number of tickets to play, it’s time to think about selecting numbers. For most players, numbers that are in any way related to personal dates, anniversaries or other important events are the best numbers to play. The truth is that numbers are just numbers, regardless of what meaning they might represent for people. So, focus on those numbers that occur more often within the EuroMillions game and avoid playing the number 13 over and over –for cultural reasons, this is hands-down the most played number by English speaking players.

News and the Latest Game Features

Being a relatively newer lottery game, EuroMillion’s terms and conditions have been adjusted and fine-tuned in recent years. May, 2011 will be remembered as the month of the biggest changes for the EuroMillions players because of the following game changers:

· Number pool for Lucky Star numbers was increased from 9 to 11. This rule has helped create bigger jackpots and numerous rollovers.

· Weekly draws were increased from 1 to 2, with a draw on Friday nights and a second draw on Tuesdays nights. This was meant to offer players an additional chance to play. Also, the second draw contributes towards doubling the jackpot’s growth.

As a consequence of the new EuroMillions rules, a newer and bigger jackpot than ever was won in July 2011 in Scotland: €185,000,000 (£161,653,000) by a full matching ticket of 5 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars. Even richer jackpots are expected at each EuroMillions draw, which makes this pan-European lottery game one of the most appealing in the world.

Currently, EuroMillions operates across 13 Countries and it’s played by million players in the entire world. With its increasing jackpots, EuroMillions is expected to grow more in the next years, as the year 2015 suggests with its positive draw analysis: on 18th December 2015 a lucky winner from Spain won the € 83,000,000 jackpot.

No matter where in the world you are located, you can try your luck at playing the Euromillions lottery, after all… You never know! Get your chance now and purchase Euromillions tickes online in a safe and secure environment.