Lottery Winners who Donated their Winnings to Charity Organizations

Lottery charity

Winning the lotto could hugely impact one's life, and it's definitely something all of us dream about. Think about being able to buy almost everything you want, do anything you want, go anywhere you want. Though it might sound selfish, most of those who win the lottery tend to spend all of their winnings on themselves. However, there are a few who are kind-hearted enough to donate a portion or all of their winnings to charity organizations. It just goes to show that not all people who hit the jackpot are tempted to keep all the money for themselves. Here are some of the few who's decided to share their winnings to charity.

Hilda Floyd ($1 Million)

Hilda Floyd was able to win $1 million from the Idaho Lottery's Million Dollar Raffle. A few seconds after receiving the check, she said that she already had plans on what to do with the prize money. Even before the moment she bought the ticket, she's already decided to donate the money to charity if she wins, and she did. In just 10 months after receiving the check, almost 90% of her total winnings have already gone to charity. She also shared some to her family members and the church. According to Floyd, it made her very happy to know that she's able to help others with her charitable donations.

Tom Christ ($40 Million)

Christ got a call informing him that his ticket won a massive $40 million while he's out on a vacation. Tom christ lottery winnerUpon hearing the news, he chose to keep his winnings secret until he went back to Canada. According to Christ, he doesn't have any idea which game he's won or even his winning numbers. All he knew is that he paid for the subscription each time he got the renewal notice which was once in a year. When Christ received his winnings, his money went to lottery charity in honor of his late wife who died from cancer just two years ago. Fortunately, his children even supported his decision of donating such a huge sum to various charity organizations and research facilities about cancer.

Sheelah Ryan ($55 Million)

Sheelah Ryan is yet another big winner who's lucky enough to win the Florida lottery jackpot in 1988. Upon receiving her prize money, she decided to start her very own charity to help the elderly and the homeless. Her charity, Ryan Foundation, has been able to help in lots of other causes as well. However, Ryan died six years later at the age of 69 due to cancer. Fortunately, her legacy continues to live on at the Ryan Foundation today.

Shaw McBride ($159 Million)

The same as Floyd, Shaw McBride has also already decided what to do with his money if ever he wins. When he won the $159 million jackpot, he decided to give the money away to those who are in need. In just a few months, it has been reported that McBride has already given away all of the $159 million throughout various charities and organizations. 

Roy Cockrum ($259.8 Million)

Roy cockrum lottery charityRoy Cockrum was the one who hit the largest jackpot prize in all of Tennessee's history, granting him a total of $259.8 million from his Powerball ticket. He decided to keep a fraction of the money for himself while giving away the rest to various charities and organizations. It is his vision to help people in need and to make a difference. He's able to learn of his massive winning while accompanying his mother for a medical checkup. With Cockrum's massive winning, he's been able to go back to his hometown and take good care of his parents.

While most of us tend to splurge once we win a huge amount of winning, these people mentioned definitely show a great act of generosity by helping others and making a huge difference.


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