Jackpot Prizes Have Never Been This Big.

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Jackpots are getting bigger and bigger all over the world. Both in terms of average jackpot size and single biggest jackpot ever awarded. In terms of the size of the jackpot it has never been a better reason to play the lottery.

Biggest Jackpot

The biggest jackpot awarded worldwide was in the American “Powerball” lottery. A lottery famous for its high jackpot prize, still, on January 13 2016 a new record was set. A record big jackpot of one thousand five hundred million dollars. An astronomic sum of money, the highest ever in lottery history. In fact, this jackpot prize is so big that it is even difficult to fathom the value. Most people are comfortable with the terms millions and even billions. A million dollars is a sum of money that would change the lives of most people should they win it. One billion dollars is a thousand times a million. So the total jackpot prize of one and a half billion dollars, could in 2016 have made 1500 millionaires if it wasn’t for the fact that it was divided between three people only! Three lucky winners from California, Florida and Tennessee got the biggest jackpot ever awarded in a lottery. Yes, because of taxes, the actual cash value of the jackpot was “only” 327 million dollars per winner, almost totalling 1000 million in total. Still, it’s a decent jackpot prize that most people would approve of.

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European Jackpot

But Europe is not far behind. And the great thing about winning the lottery in Europe is that the prizes most often are completely tax free. The biggest jackpot in European lottery history was awarded in 2011 when the equivalent of 260 million US dollars was given to a single lottery ticket holder. It was reportedly a man from the UK who got this lump sum, although not identified, it is reasonable to assume that he received the news with a smile on his face. And only months later a similar jackpot was awarded, so the trend is catching on. Never before in the history of lotteries have there been higher lottery prizes. Countries like USA and the UK are the leaders of the biggest jackpot, in terms of size, but other countries are catching up. Italy recently blasted its previous record jackpot prize through the roof when it in 2010 awarded the equivalent of 210 million dollars to a couple from Milan in the Super Enalotto. And even though the records tend to diminish the further north in Europe one gets (except from in the United Kingdom), a record jackpot prize of 67 million dollars was awarded to a German national in the Lotto 6 aus 49 lottery.

Historic Trends

Although all these jackpots vary quite considerably from country to country, on thing is certain: people love a big jackpot. And whenever the press can inform that a new record level of a single is likely to be be reached, more people will buy lottery tickets. Producing kind of a domino effect that skyrockets sales. High jackpots sell. And governments and lottery companies make record profits. Some people think it rather unethical to have so dizzying jackpots. And they feel that it could be a great alternative to award more prizes with lower sums of money. Instead of giving out nearly one thousand million dollars to three people, the Powerball could’ve made a thousand millionaires. Surely, that would make more headlines? But, no. The statistics show a different story. People are almost magically and magnetically drawn to lotteries that has an astronomically big jackpot. The bigger the better. So the trend is likely to continue. Although the business of lotteries may see some changes in the future, as many believe that some governments may actually offer jackpots to all taxpayers, as part of a yearly, tax-paying sweepstake. Whatever the future may bring, one thing is certain, and that is that no government would want to let these lotteries go. They make too much money, and create the kind of PR that cannot be bought. Or maybe that’s exactly what’s happening? If you’re interested in winning, you definitely need to start playing. And if you’re already a player, you can find out if you got the winning numbers - get the latest Euromillions numbers.