How Would You Spend Your Lottery Millions?


If you win the lottery, how would you be spending money?  That is the question many people ask themselves each and every week. And it is this simple thought of winning the lottery that drives us to fill out those lottery forms weekly, and to hope for a little bit of that cosmic luck than could propel us into a richer life. At least when it comes to money.

Lottery Systems

A new house, a few luxury cars, paying off debts and perhaps even starting a business? The possibilities are endless. And most people engage in this kind of lottery thinking. “What would happen if I win the lottery?” Because it is this dream of making more money than would ever be possible by simply working, that makes us play the lottery every single week. It is these dreams that fuel our imaginations. Pretty basic ideas, yes, but very powerful ones. And it doesn’t necessarily stop there, for most people play the lottery according to some system. This could be another scientifically suspect piece of reasoning as well as some intuitive understanding of principles that are already there even though they cannot be explained. We don’t know that yet. And the systems people use to increase the chances of becoming a lottery winner does not necessarily have to be formal, mathematically correct systems. But just any system that makes sense to the player. The most common idea is to use numbers that have some meaning to the player. Using the birth dates of family or loved one is probably the most common way of playing.

Same Numbers

Euromillions numbersAnd when you start using a system like that, it becomes difficult to stop. You need to keep playing. Because, imagine what would happen if you would suddenly stop playing your numbers one week and then they would kick in and be the very winning numbers. This would be a completely unbearable situation for most people, and so they keep on playing, week after week. Other players use different systems to win the lottery.. Some even feel that they can sense which numbers will win, and train themselves to identify these winners weekly. Yet others simply choose completely random numbers, which is the way mathematicians look at the whole issue of the lottery and other forms of numerical games. They feel that there are no special numbers, and that every natural number one can think of is as likely to win as the other. A thought that differs totally from the way most people think. And if you just stop for a moment, and think about it, perhaps you’ll discover which side of the fence you’re on. What would you do to win the lottery? Choose some special numbers and play them each and every week, or simply let a machine choose the numbers for your randomly? You can try the Euromillions number generator tool.

The Lottery Dream

One thing is for sure: most people have dreamt about becoming a lottery winner, and have even considered how they would be spending money should this occur. Even if logic tells us that the probability of winning is astronomically small, our minds seem to be working on a completely different assumption. Perhaps one day scientists will bridge that gap, and find out that cosmic luck, and things we deem to be improbable now, actually are more probable than you think. And people in the know are seeing that this situation could occur. And more quickly than we think. Not least thanks to the wonders of quantum mechanic computing. Quantum mechanics is one of the great mysteries of modern science. A mystery that most physicists do not even dare to devote the careers to, as it is devilishly complicated. But the theory opens up for something of a fun-house scenario where everything is possible, at all possible times. Completely logic defying if you use classical logic, but these thoughts may still revolutionize the way we understand the world. Including things like the lottery. And, as mentioned, could even help more people becoming a lottery winner. But if winning the lottery becomes more predictable, lotteries have to change their own systems. And if this proves impossible, we may still see the end of lotteries as we know it. In the meantime playing the lottery is a simple way to take part in the belief in the miraculous, or the magical. The probability of winning the lottery may be small, yet every week someone has to win. This is the logic defying truth that every player knows and bets on. And who knows? If you play the EuroMillions lottery, maybe one day you will actually win?