Learn How To Play EuroMillions

New to the Euromillions lottery game? Want to brush up on your knowledge of the draw? Playing the Euromillions lottery game is simple to do, as it is runs similarly to other lottery games in its genre. Today, our site offers players the unique chance to access this pan-European lottery game from anywhere in the world, so no matter if you are in Europe or abroad, you can take part in Europe’s most popular lottery game.

The main advantage of playing online Euromillions is that it enables players to participate without having to waste time and expend the effort necessary to find a land-based retailer. Another reason why serious players keep coming back to our site time and again is because internet players can easily find Euromillions lottery tips and useful bits of strategic advice on how to play the game better and improve their chances of winning.

Euromillions Ticket and Draw

The Euromillions draws usually take place in Paris, France, on Tuesdays and Fridays night at about 21:00 (CET). The Euromillions tickets are sold in a number of European Countries, including the participating Countries, France, UK, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg along with other 4 Countries. The Euromillions tickets are also sold through online ticket agents, so that players can access this unique lottery game regardless of where they live.

Surely, the great success of Euromillions among players of all Countries is due to its high jackpots. These mammoth jackpots start from €15,000,000 (£12,900,000) and grow to rollover prizes of over €100,000,000 (£86,000,000). With jackpots this big, it’s no wonder why this draw has become popular is so many countries throughout Europe and around the world. After all, when playing the lottery, it’s all about how much money players can potentially win. When it comes to playing the lotto, size matters!

Rules for Playing the Euromillions

1. The cost of each Euromillions ticket is of €/£2,00 or CHF3,00 per line played. After buying Euromillions tickets (the more tickets, the more chances to get a prize), players have the opportunity to select numbers from two different pools of numbers in order to create their combination of 5 main numbers, in addition to 2 Lucky Star numbers.

2. The main numbers must be chosen from a number between a 1-to-50 range and the Lucky Star numbers from a 1-to-11 range. (Interestingly, before May 2011, the draw matrix was of 5 main numbers from 1-to-50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1-to-9).

3. The draw is actually made using two separate sets of number balls and two draw machines. As a matter of fact, because of this dual draw technique, it is very possible that the same number/s might occur twice in the final combination of 5+2 numbers.

Odds of Winning

Euromillions has become a popular lottery game thanks to its high jackpot prizes. The odds of winning an Euromillions prize range from 23 to 1 for matching 2 main numbers up to 116,531,800 to 1 for matching all 5 main numbers + 2 Lucky Stars. The jackpot can be won entirely or partially, according to how many tickets could match the combination of the draw.

Winning the Euromillions jackpot might seem improbable and somewhat out of reach, but if you look at stats you will see that odds are actually working more in your favor when you play the Euromillions, than if you play any other major lottery. For example, the American Powerball and Mega Millions feature a 175 million to 1 chance of winning. In general, the chance of winning a Euromillions prize ranges from 13 to 1, which makes this lottery game a particularly appealing game for players to take part in.

Terms and Conditions of the Game

· Players who want to play Euromillions lottery online must be 18+ years old in all Countries where Euromillions tickets are sold, except for players in the UK where the minimum age is 16.

· When playing Euromillions online, players must be owners of the method of payment they’re going to use to buy online tickets. Tickets cannot be purchased using another individual’s credit card information.

· Players who won a Euromillions prize must claim it within 180 days after the draw taking place. In the event that a winner doesn’t manage to claim their prize on time, the prize is forfeited and the winning is considered completely invalid.