Winning Methods in Choosing your Lucky Lotto Numbers

Lucky Lotto Numbers

Choosing lotto numbers can be done in a ton of ways, but only a few selected end up winning. Sometimes, all we can do is dream of what life would be if one of us hit the jackpot, either by formulating a strategy or just sheer luck. Based on several surveys, most players pick their lucky lotto numbers by using their house numbers, personal birthday, or even their pet's birthday. However, is there a more effective means of choosing the right numbers to further increase the odds of winning? To find that out, here are a few methods that have gained popularity on the internet that might help you.

Know which numbers to avoid

You can find a lot of theories on the internet regarding lotto numbers, and a lot of them will talk about which numbers to avoid and which ones to pick if you want to win big time. Since most people pick their birthday as a lucky number, it is wise to choose at least one number above 31. The reason is pretty simple - there is no lucky number above 31 to choose since there are no months that have more than 31 days. The concept behind this is that if you do win, only a few people will get to share the winnings with you.

Use a technique formulated by someonerandom number generator

Renato Gianella from Brazil insisted that there might be an art of predicting the winning numbers on a lottery, instead of believing that all number combinations have similar probability. Through mathematics and probability theories, Gianella has formulated a "color template" which he says could help people know which particular number combinations have a higher chance of winning. He added that winning the lottery isn't all about luck, but instead, it's also about having the right knowledge and information to create winning strategies. 

Use a random number generator, or leave it to the computer

If you don't want to go through the hassle of deciding which number to pick, you might also choose to use a random number generator. By using an RNG, you will be given a set of numbers which you can use for the upcoming lottery draw. Who knows? Maybe the ones given to you will help change your fate. However, if you think a random number generator isn't convincing enough, you might want to try letting the computer decide. In other words, taking a lucky pick. Statistics from some lottery organizers revealed that a lot of past winners have left the number picking decision to the computer. It's also been shown that winners have used the random quick pick for at least 50% of the time.

Know which numbers show up on a frequent basis

Another means of choosing your lucky lottery numbers is to choose the ones which show up more often. Fortunately, most organizations are happy to share their list of number frequencies to everyone. Regardless of the fact that the combination of the balls varied greatly from the past twenty years, it can't be denied that some numbers do come up more often compared to others. Hence, if you want to decide on your lucky numbers by knowing their frequencies, here are the top 6 most common numbers that show up in lotto draws:

23 for 280 times
38 for 275 times
40 for 274 times
33 for 272 times
30 for 272 times
44 for 269 times

How about the numbers which are least picked? They are as follow:

20 for 212 times
13 for 215 times
16 for 222 times
21 for 224 times
37 for 229 times
41 for 229 times

However, this doesn't guarantee that you will have more chances of winning since there is an equal chance of any number being drawn. Or isn't there?

euromillions lucky numberWhich numbers should you pick?

There's no one who's capable of predicting which number combination will come out during a draw. However, there's one thing you should always keep in mind - when you pick your lucky lottery numbers through your self-crafted strategy, make sure no one else can copy them. Of course, just hope that no one will have the same numbers as you do since it will only lessen the amount of winnings you can get in the event you win. Also, don't forget to buy your ticket.



If you want to rely on luck, and think you really have a great deal of luck, then just let the random number generator choose for you.