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Friday, January 20, 2017

Play The EuroMillions Online!

Today, the entertainment industry and the world of lottery games is proud to show the public new ideas and game options in order to make the gaming experience even more thrilling and involving than ever before. Players who want to access foreign lottery games can find many tools and platforms across the internet. The internet is actually the main resource to help foreign players enjoy all that the EuroMillions lottery has to offer. Purchasing online tickets is very easy and it takes only a few clicks: First, you’ll want to register on the site and open an account. Next you’ll want to choose your method of payment from the methods supported by this platform and then choose EuroMillions and decide just how many Euromillions tickets you’ll want to buy.

EuroMillions-Lotteries is designed to be the most convenient online resource that players can use to play their favorite lottery game and get their prizes, and in the event that you win the lottery, we will arrange for you, the lucky winner to receive the bought ticket so that prizes can be claimed in person. Small prizes are transferred directly to the winner’s online account. The games you enjoy the most provided to you in the most convenient way possible, that’s what we do best!

The History of the EuroMillions Draw

On our site today, we list a very large number of lotteries and lotto games. Most Countries in the world feature their own lottery games and there are also pan-continental games which are great because they include several participating countries. Pan-European lotteries and Pan-American lotteries are great fun and have the potential for massive winnings.

Europe, in particular, has always been one of the most active places in the world for lottery games. Among the many European lottery games that you might enjoy participating in from abroad, EuroMillions is without any doubt one of the most popular and played lotteries.

Starting Out As a Pan-European Lottery Game

EuroMillions started out as a new lottery game after the French operator of France’s Lotto at Française des Jeux in 1994. Behind EuroMillions there’s a pan-European idea of lottery game, exactly like the Pan-American lotteries that were gaining so much success in those years.

Over the course of time, several disagreements, disputes and controversies surfaced about EuroMillions among the operators of this game (France, UK, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg), until the organizer of the first EuroMillions draw arranged to have the game’s debut on Friday 13th in February 2004 , ultimately turning this day into what is popularly known as “unlucky Friday”.

Huge EuroMillions Jackpot Winnings in First Year

The new lottery game reached an unexpected and unprecedented level of success after just one year since launching, with players from all the participating countries buying tickets and following the games’ draws every step of the way.

The massive jackpots that were being won time and again during its first year made the EuroMillions extremely successful. They were so popular, in fact, that they were followed by another even greater jackpot mark which was won by a single ticket player in Ireland: €115,436,126 (£79,881,799) in the month of July on the 29th draw.

The EuroMillions Super Draw

As extraordinary as the success of this newborn lottery game was turning out to be, it was only in the month of February, 2007 that the EuroMillions players could see the first SuperDraw events in this game’s history take shape. SuperDraws are special draws with additional capital funds added to the jackpot, so it results a richer jackpot, usually increased by apporxomately €100,000,000 (£86,000,000) each time, regardless of how big the basic jackpot is expected to be.

Much like the Irish EuroMillions Plus, the new game options are made possible within the EuroMillions game. Consisting of an extra separated draw for a €500,000 (£430,000) that players can access using their basic 5 numbers played on their EuroMillions ticket, there is even more of a chance to win a prize for the Irish EuroMillions players.

Currently, many individuals throughout Europe and the rest of the world are taking their shot at winning the lottery from the comfort of their homes via our site. If you want to take a chance at winning Euromillions lottery that is drawn each Tuesday and Friday, feel free to join in the fun with this world famous lottery that spans across nine participating countries.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun, play the Euromillions!